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Green Hemimorphite and Sterling Necklace

Green Hemimorphite and Sterling Necklace


This 20" necklace features the gemstone Hemimorphite, sterling silver, and glass beads--the square ones glow in the dark.

The Hemimorphite is a beautiful milky seagreen.  The pendant, which matches the Hemimorphite perfectly, might actually be Chrysoprase (which comes in varying shades.) Since Lunatiki was lax in the labeling upon purchase of the pendant...buyer beware! I'm kidding of course, both these stones have wonderful qualities:


Hemimorphite ~  Said to assist the bearer with all manners of personal reflection, honesty, and transformation.  Assists with dieting, agility, and body maintenance.


Chrysoprase ~  Said to align chakras and balance Ying & Yang.  Facilitates compassion and non-judgmental attitudes.


♥ This is a handmade one-of-a-kind creation ♥

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