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Lunatiki is Busy!


 Please understand it might take 2-3 days to ship your item, or to respond to any messages.  


Payment and Shipping


Wisconsin residents will be charged 7.9% tax which is the 2024 Milwaukee county tax rate.  

Lunatiki does not like paying for shipping when shopping. Because of this, Lunatiki only charges you part of the cost for shipping--the rest is on the house!  If you overpay for shipping at checkout, Lunatiki sends you money back!

If you are local, you have the option to pick up your item and meet the artist in Milwaukee, WI.

International customers:

Please send Lunatiki an email listing the products you wish to purchase, along with your shipping address.  Lunatiki will place your items on hold and seek out accurate shipping rates for you. Before shipping, Lunatiki will also check your country's list of allowable items. 

Secure Shopping

All Wix sites have been enabled for HTTPS, a security protocol that helps this site stay secure. 

  Data is encrypted and authenticated. 

This protection is validated by an SSL certificate.

Lunatiki accepts the following forms of payment:


Returns, Refunds, Repairs


Measurements are approximate, rounded up or down to the nearest 1/4"

Lunatiki hopes you would rather gift an unwanted jewelry item than return it, but Lunatiki will credit returns (not shipping costs), provided the items are packaged well and received back in new, unworn condition. Contact Lunatiki within 48 hours of receiving your item. Lunatiki does not provide return labels, or give refunds on downloadable items. 

If your item arrives damaged, please take a well-lit photograph of the issue and send Lunatiki an email within 24 hours of receipt. The option for a jewelry item being remade or repaired exists if the same beads are still available, or you may choose to be refunded. 

If your jewelry or sculpture is discovered to have a manufacturing defect within 10 days of receipt, this qualifies for free repair or refund. Please take a well-lit photograph of the issue and send Lunatiki an email. 

If your jewelry purchase becomes damaged or broken from wearing, send a well-lit, well-focused photograph to Lunatiki via email and Lunatiki will assess if it can be repaired.

The jump rings near a clasp may open up after several wears.  Your necklace is not broken! This is an easy repair and many jewelry or bead stores will do this for no charge. 

Jewelry Care Instructions

Keep out of water and fire; away from animals, small children, and falling rocks.


If your item has any metals, moisture or air will tarnish your piece over time. Placing it within an air-tight bag or an anti-tarnish box will dramatically slow the discoloring.  Anti-tarnish cloths or solutions are widely available to polish your piece at home. If your item is made with a delicate chain, you must be very gentle when cleaning.

It's a good idea to apply lotions, perfumes, oils or hairspray 20 minutes prior to wearing any jewelry. This allows time for saturation into the skin or hair, being less likely for a chemical reaction to affect bead color or metal plating.

For earrings, it's a good idea to clean the ear wires with alcohol before wearing. Sterling Silver and Niobium are generally safe for sensitive ears, but not so much if they are dirty.


Don't sleep or shower with it on!

Store flat or hang up - away from direct sunlight. 

If left in a certain position for too long, beading wire and leather cord might conform to that shape. 


Jewelry Materials



The weight of the beads chosen dictates which strength of wire is used for stringing. Lunatiki uses Soft Flex brand wire which is kink-resistant, and rated to withstand 10/26/40 lbs of tension before it will snap. Therefore, be wary of babies and toddlers while wearing beaded necklaces. And when wearing really long necklaces, be wary of doorknobs and drawer handles!  


Beads and Metals

Quality beads are sourced and these beads have a variety of ways they are made such as being heat-treated, water-cooled, or finished with several different coating methods such as being galvanized or electroplated. 

So depending on the bead, it might be susceptible to fading in direct sunlight over time, or discoloring due to body chemistry or the application of perfumes or lotions.  

Lunatiki is committed to honesty about the type of bead, gemstone, metal used, and every other detail!

Lunatiki Sends Love to:

Altered State of Mind - located in Bayview, Wisconsin for featuring Lunatiki's art on consignment and for being all-around beautiful people.

Second Hand Items

These items come from Lunatiki, or Lunatiki's mother. Lunatiki's mother loved shopping so much, that all items were purchased brand new and many were used for only one occasion then stored away. 

There are many items to be posted, so if you like what you see, keep checking back for newly added items.

All items come from our smoke-free huts.

Privacy Policy


Lunatiki does not sell or distribute any information you provide. Lunatiki will not prank call your phone, or ding-dong-ditch your residence.

Lunatiki enjoys privacy as well, especially when in the outhouse.


This website uses cookies for security, analytics, and login info.  If Lunatiki decides to link up with Facebook or Google, there will likely be 3rd Party cookies involved. Here's a nifty link I found, but I don't know if it does any good:

Personal Information

This website saves the information you provide to make it possible for Lunatiki to ship you the items after charging you using the payment info you provided, and also to email you regarding your order. stores your data on secure servers behind a firewall. 

Lunatiki has no time for mailing lists. You will not receive any marketing emails. Sale announcements will be posted on Lunatiki's Facebook page.

Limitation of Liability

Lunatiki is not responsible for any emotional, physical, or spiritual issues you may endure from having viewed or purchased from this site. You are responsible for You and your well-being.

Property Rights

Kindly avoid reproducing Lunatiki's art for profit or pleasure, but hopefully it will  inspire you to create your own originals!


        Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale available for bulk earring orders and discounts available to movie studios providing that you credit:  "Jewelry by Lunatiki".

Looking for artists in your consignment shop?  Lunatiki is happy to work with Wisconsin retailers in the greater Milwaukee area and Door County!

Please contact Lunatiki via one of the methods listed on the Contact tab. 

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