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Destructo-World Poster

Destructo-World Poster


Bad art on purpose. 

Perfect for the college dorm room. These fine posters were printed by Walgreens!  Hahahahahaha.  The measurements, I've found, are approximate. Don't be anal about it.  ;) 

This art work was a result of my response to a local band's request for art:  "I need cover art for our band. $50 for working art. This is for serious.  - "so far, so bad" is name of band, "hot-boxing the low end" is the album. loud colors, "fuck-off" vibe, filthy sense of humor a bonus. Think "fear and loathing" meets 'great white north'."

Although they did not like the version with the butt-beer-bong, they opted for the version I made with a kid and a monkey on his back. You can find the other versions of this on my site sold as postcards.  

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