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10x10 Tambourine Drum - #012 Sugar Skulls

10x10 Tambourine Drum - #012 Sugar Skulls

  • Custom built, imported 10x10 tambourine drum
  • Sheepskin drum head, iron jingles, natural wood base
  • Decorated with white resin skulls, each handpainted by Lunatiki with a different design
  • Each skull is decorated with 3 tassels
  • Numbered and signed


For transportation solution, see product: 10x10 Tambourine Drum Box Belt


  • Sheepskin head and wood base have natural areas of discoloration. 
  • The hole at the back of the base is for attaching the tambourine to an instrument  stand.
  • Care instructions included.


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Not all skulls are created equal.

The back of the resin skull might have a slightly uneven surface. So although the skull is screwed in all the way, it may shift angles from pressure or vibration.  Just gently turn the skull back into alignment with your fingers.

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