Svadhisthana Sculpted Pendant

Svadhisthana Sculpted Pendant


A sturdy 23" (adjustable) 14K Gold-filled chain & clasp suspends this orange epoxy clay pendant with the Sacral Chakra symbol. Accented with Metallic golden designs painted with acrylics, and then sealed with a weather-resistant clear coat.

The pendant is about 1-1/2" in diameter, and the symbol in the center will glow in the dark.


**Just added a more cost-effective option for the pendant: you may now choose a 2mm dark brown leather cord**  


Cart will allow one of each varient to be added, but to be clear, there is only one pendant.  ;)  

The non-toxic Apoxie® Clay is a 2-part material that activates when mixed. It only allows for 2 hours of work-time before it hardens to the point of only allowing slight surface modifications and once hardened, can be sanded, drilled, painted.